Patient Participation Group

About Our PPG

In 2011, we established the Patient Participation Group, often referred to as PPG. The primary objective was to empower patients like you with a greater role in influencing decisions regarding the care provided at our practice..

During the COVID-19 emergency we were unable to meet as we once did so the PPG was put on hold. In 2022, we resumed our PPG, the practice and existing PPG members agreed to increase the membership size of our PPG and contacted patients to ask for interest in joining the group. Those patients who expressed an interest were invite to attend a meeting outlining why they wanted to join, tell us about their experiences that would transfer to the group, any special interests they may have and interesting facts about themselves. A vote was taken and 7 new members were elected which included a new Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary. We have since met regularly as you will see from the minutes below.

The PPG Involves Patients Working With The Practice To:

  • Contribute to the improvement of services.
  • Improve communication between the practice and its patients.
  • Help patients to take more responsibility for their health.
  • Provide practical support and help to implement change.

The PPG aims to meet every 3 months in the practice and membership is restricted to patients registered at the Amwell Group Practice.

If you have any questions regarding the Patient Participation Group, please contact the practice.

Our Patient Reference Group

If you prefer not to join a formal PPG but would like to have a say about the services we provide, why not join our “virtual” patient reference group (PRG).

By providing us with your email details so that we can contact you about specific issues discussed by the PPG and involve you more directly in future patient questionnaires.

Membership is restricted to patients registered at the Amwell Group Practice.

PPG Minutes, Action Plans and Annual Reports